Posture & Balance Assessment, Rehabilitation & Motor Control Exercise – Pt 1 [NCBTMB]

[3 CEU HRS] Effectively enhance Balance, Alignment, and Motion to support Rehabilitation, Performance & Healthy Aging.


Posture & Balance Assessment, Rehabilitation & Motor Control Exercise – Pt 1 [NCBTMB]

Discover a fresh perspective on posture through StrongPosture® protocols, designed to transform how you perceive, interact with, and convey posture. Dive into Part 1 of our comprehensive 15-hour course, where you’ll delve into research that supports intuitive biomechanics and learn how to effectively engage clients with practical Postural Motor Control Exercise (pMCE).

Customize pMCE sessions to alleviate discomfort and alleviate mechanical strain tailored to each individual’s needs. Our specialized modules focus on enhancing postural Balance, Alignment, and Motion progressively, aiding in rehabilitation, enhancing performance, and promoting overall well-being.

Enhance static standing, habitual sitting, and dynamic gait through mindful movement training and tailored concepts crafted specifically for massage therapists, fitness trainers, and other professionals in the realm of movement. Elevate your expertise to become the ultimate “Posture Specialist”.

Posture and Balance Assessment, Rehabilitation & Motor Control Exercise [Part 1]

Course Curriculum

  • Get Started
    2 minutes
  • Introduction to StrongPosture
    5 minutes
  • Sitting is the New Smoking: A Composite Meme
    12 minutes
  • Aging and Work in a Sitting Society
    9 minutes
  • Posture Biomechanics I
    13 minutes
  • The Question of Balance I
    8 minutes
  • The Question of Balance II
    8 minutes
  • Postural Balance Assessment
    5 minutes
  • StrongPosture® begins with Strong Balance
    8 minutes
  • StrongPosture® Balance 1.0
    5 minutes
  • Retraining Motion with Attentional Focus
    12 minutes
  • Bio-mechanic Education: StrongPosture® for Strong Motion
    9 minutes
  • MUST vs TRY- the Key to Strong Posture
    11 minutes
  • StrongPosture® Exercise Inductions: Alignment Track
    5 minutes
  • From Posture Awareness to Consciousness
    10 minutes
  • Posture Bio-mechanics II: Finding the Core
    6 minutes
  • Alignment for Everyone- The Public Health Message
    10 minutes
  • StrongPosture® Alignment 1.0 Demonstration
    5 minutes
  • StrongPosture® Alignment 1.0- Induction Detail
    5 minutes
  • Breathe Strong to Move Strong
    8 minutes
  • StrongPosture® Motion 0.9
    7 minutes
  • StrongPosture® Motion 1.0
    2 minutes
  • StrongPosture® Motion 1.1 CONCEPTS
    5 minutes
  • StrongPosture® Motion 1.1 Demonstration
    3 minutes
  • Creating a PosturePractice
    9 minutes

Course Reviews

Patients love it

"Our patients love the StrongPosture program and we have it included in 80% of care plans." Thanks for such a solid program. ~Robert Thoma, DC

Available 24/7

"Liking the course and so happy as a working mother of three I'm able to do it on my own time after the kids go to bed." ~Dr. Tobi Sheiker

Rehab protocols that work

"StrongPosture protocols are the perfect tool for stabilizing the spine and the core while teaching patterns of motion to train whole body control." ~Michael McMahan, LMT

Frequently asked Questions

Course Approvals
How long do I have access to the course?

You have 1 year to complete this self-paced course. Be sure to finish the course before your license renewal date.

What if I need help?

We’re here if you need help. Live chat, email or call to speak with one of our course counselors.

What is the course format?

The course is an engaging video format. You may complete as much or as you like during each session. When you login next time your course will automatically pick up where you left off.

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