Posture & Balance Assessment, Rehabilitation & Motor Control Exercise – Pt 5 [NCBTMB]

[3 CEU HRS] StrongPosture® Life Practices: A Blueprint for Rehabilitation, Performance Enhancement & Vital Aging.


Posture & Balance Assessment, Rehabilitation & Motor Control Exercise – Pt 5 [NCBTMB]

Part 5 delves into the multifaceted benefits of posture strengthening beyond mere rehabilitation. Through StrongPosture® B.A.M. techniques, we aim to refine the precision of core-controlled, whole-body stabilization to enhance the efficacy of rehabilitation efforts.

Posture serves as a tangible reflection of both biomechanics and mental state. Not all forms of exercise yield the same results, as our bodies adapt to the specific demands placed upon them.

Empowering individuals with a deeper understanding of their bodies, alongside self-care strategies and personalized exercises, allows massage therapists to actively contribute to the promotion of postural well-being within society.

Regular engagement in posture-focused exercises, coupled with periodic posture assessments, can lead to improved mobility, enhanced well-being, and even a more youthful appearance. In essence, standing taller isn’t just about longevity but also about living better and aging gracefully.

Posture and Balance Assessment, Rehabilitation & Motor Control Exercise [Part 5]

Course Curriculum

  • Posture Ideals & Realities I
    7 minutes
  • Posture Ideals & Realities II
    7 minutes
  • Observational & Interventional Frameworks
    8 minutes
  • Functional Posture Strengthening
    10 minutes
  • Rehab: Muscle or Motion
    7 minutes
  • See, Show & Converse by PostureZone®
    7 minutes
  • Mirror Mirror
    2 minutes
  • Balance: the Beginning of StrongPosture®
    5 minutes
  • Strengthening Attention with Focused Cueing
    10 minutes
  • Sitting, Pain and Breathing
    13 minutes
  • Posture Alignment Control
    10 minutes
  • Posture Angels
    7 minutes
  • External Attention to Focus Accurate Control
    11 minutes
  • Strengthening Motion
    5 minutes
  • Strengthening Torso-Pelvis Control
    11 minutes
  • StrongPosture® Ab Focus
    3 minutes
  • MCE Framework for Inter-Professional Communication
    6 minutes
  • Chiropractic in a StrongPosture® Practice
    4 minutes
  • Connecting Body, Mind & Motion
    3 minutes
  • Congruent Communications
    4 minutes
  • Behavior and LifeHabits: Rest
    4 minutes
  • Behavior and LifeHabits: Motion
    7 minutes
  • StrongPosture® Ball Lift
    3 minutes
  • Coupled Motion of the Postural Chain Bridge
    12 minutes
  • StrongPosture® Superman
    5 minutes
  • The Posture Specialist in Society
    14 minutes

Course Reviews

Patients love it

"Our patients love the StrongPosture program and we have it included in 80% of care plans." Thanks for such a solid program. ~Robert Thoma, DC

Available 24/7

"Liking the course and so happy as a working mother of three I'm able to do it on my own time after the kids go to bed." ~Dr. Tobi Sheiker

Rehab protocols that work

"StrongPosture protocols are the perfect tool for stabilizing the spine and the core while teaching patterns of motion to train whole body control." ~Michael McMahan, LMT

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You have 1 year to complete this self-paced course. Be sure to finish the course before your license renewal date.

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The course is an engaging video format. You may complete as much or as you like during each session. When you login next time your course will automatically pick up where you left off.

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