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New Course: Posture Pictures

New Course: Posture Pictures

We are thrilled to announce our latest course, "Posture Pictures," designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in the field of posture assessment. Led by the esteemed educator, Dr. Steven Weiniger, DC, CPEP, DIANM, this 90-minute course is...

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CE Course: Management of Soft Tissue Conditions

CE Course: Management of Soft Tissue Conditions

Management of Soft Tissue Conditions is an evidence-based 8-hour instructional course that prioritizes the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue issues commonly encountered in chiropractic and manual therapy practice, with an emphasis on best practices. In everyday...

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Most valuable concept? The ease of which a very relevant posture exercise protocol can be introduced in the practice. This is a well organized and documented seminar presented in a logical way with the proper balance between content and practical. I enjoyed it and will use in to the benefit of my patients and myself personally.

Dr. Charles Fulanovich

Palo Alto, CA

How patients can feel and see the difference and take responsibility for themselves. Excellent! Love the passion and great examples.

Linda Westman, DC, CPEP

Atlanta, GA

Even though I thought I was in good shape, I could feel a change in my breathing, posture and energy. Thanks! I love your passion and how you make it practical to daily practice.

Scott Stratton, DC

Frankfort, IL

As a personal fitness professional, I’ve been focused on my clients’ posture prior to all movement. Your input and expertise have expanded my awareness and helped me to “connect the dots” between posture and those three key areas of balance, alignment and motion. THANK YOU!

Peggy Kyprianides, CPT

Long Beach, NY

Quick, relevant, effective, and easily implemented posture correction and balance exercises for the chiropractic office. Very important subject that the chiropractor MUST implement in their office to not survive, but thrive in the coming years.

Dr. Pierre Constantin

Ferndale, WA

We can make a difference in changing our patients’ old learned behaviors, by implementing balance, alignment and motion in their posture exercises. I really enjoyed the course with all of the intrinsic details of the exercises provided.

Andrew Thompson, PT

Middletown, PA