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Posture, Rehab & MCE – Part 1

[3 CEU HRS] See, experience and communicate posture in a whole new way with StrongPosture® protocols. Module 1 covers research supporting common-sense bio-mechanics, and teaches you to engage people with practical Postural Motor Control Exercise (pM…

Dr. Steven Weiniger

Posture, Rehab & MCE – Part 3

[3 CEU HRS] Posture breaks down with predictable patterns of functional compensations and structural adaptations, where neurologic facilitation and behavioral habits is reinforced by spirals of mechanical weakness and overuse. …

Dr. Steven Weiniger

Posture, Rehab & MCE – Part 4

[3 CEU HRS] Posture is how you balance your body, and weakening balance has real consequences for health and mortality. Research shows balance and coordination exercises improves back pain, in addition to reducing the risk of injury from a fall.…

Dr. Steven Weiniger

CPEP® Posture Specialist Training

CPEP Posture Specialist Certification training sets the standard for rehab, wellness, performance and active aging. Elevate your practice with a bio-mechanical model and focused-motion exercise to strengthen posture while improving balance and functi…


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