Posture and Balance Assessment, Rehabilitation, and Motor Control Exercise – 6HRS [NCBTMB | MASSAGE]


[6 HRS MT/NCBTMB – PARTS 1-2] This course offers captivating lectures, animations, and detailed motion exercise videos using balls, bands, foam pads, and other low-tech tools. It guides massage therapists in advancing clients from acute care (involving passive therapy and posture awareness) to rehabilitation (with less passive therapy and gradually increasing active rehab exercises for posture control), and ultimately to wellness (integrating daily posture exercises with passive therapy as needed to maximize biomechanical benefits from other exercises and activities of daily living).


[6 HRS MT/NCBTMB – PARTS 1-2] The Posture & Balance Course seamlessly merges clinical techniques for passive therapies with proactive methods for enhancing posture functionality. Step-by-step protocols for cultivating self-awareness are coupled with exercises designed to fortify standing Balance, static Alignment, and dynamic Motion. These meticulously curated tracks of exercises systematically guide individuals towards aligning their body perception with objective reality.

Incorporating patient-friendly concepts of postural biomechanics, utilizing five intuitive principles, each exercise is accompanied by comprehensive patient education to foster understanding and adoption of intelligent postural habits.

The course features captivating lecture videos, animated demonstrations, and detailed exercise videos utilizing simple tools like balls, bands, and foam pads. It equips massage therapists to progress clients from initial passive therapy sessions and posture awareness to active rehabilitation exercises aimed at enhancing posture control, ultimately leading to a wellness-focused approach.

The ultimate goal? Empowering individuals to move with ease, minimize injury risks, enhance performance, and make informed choices for optimizing biomechanical well-being.

Functionally strengthening posture involves identifying and rectifying sensorimotor discrepancies between perceived posture and external reality. Systematically retraining specific movements and addressing whole-body compensatory patterns towards accuracy is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of massage therapy practices.

Participants will learn to tailor StrongPosture® exercises to address specific symptoms, syndromes, and individual capabilities, facilitating the normalization of biomechanics despite ingrained daily postural habits. From initial awareness-building through digital photography to guiding clients to discover their strongest, core-engaged posture, attendees will gain the tools to establish themselves as posture specialists dedicated to promoting wellness.

Posture is increasingly becoming a consumer priority, especially as individuals of all ages witness the degeneration of their posture over time. Clients are energized by the awareness and tangible functional improvements they experience through StrongPosture® exercises during their daily activities. Therefore, whether focusing on pain relief, evidence-based back care, sports performance, or overall wellness, positioning oneself as a posture specialist is not just a market identity but a vital role in aiding individuals to move, feel, and thrive in the 21st century.