Meeting the Continuing Education Needs of Florida Chiropractors

In the dynamic realm of chiropractic care, staying attuned to the latest knowledge is not just a commitment but a necessity, especially for Florida chiropractors seeking to enhance their professional expertise. Read on for the Continuing Education (CE) requirements in Florida, spotlighting practical insights from chiropractors who have undergone relevant courses. Additionally, we’ll showcase as a tailored platform addressing the specific educational needs of Florida’s chiropractic community.


Florida Chiropractic CE Requirements:

Florida mandates chiropractors to complete 40 hours of CE every two years, specifically during even-numbered years. Covering diverse aspects of chiropractic practice, these requirements encompass medical errors, laws and rules, record keeping/documentation, coding, ethics, boundaries, and risk management. All 40 hours must be completed by March 31, with online courses available for up to 40 hours per renewal period. DC Hours must then be reported to CEBroker. The University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College serves as the approved CE sponsor for CE Soup hours. And, CE Soup ensures convenience with 24/7 course access and instant certificates.

Be aware that these requirements can change at anytime. You can always verify the most up-to-date info on license requirements from the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine in Tallahassee, FL.

Online Chiropractic CE for Florida:


Fulfilling Florida chiropractic continuing education requirements is now more convenient with, offering an array of online courses. This user-friendly platform allows chiropractors to seamlessly integrate professional development into their schedules. Moreover, CE Soup directly submits completed courses to CE Broker each month, simplifying the renewal process.


License Renewal CE Packages: provides value-packed license renewal CE packages, bundling hours for popular courses. Consider the course “Posture and Balance Assessment, Rehabilitation, and Motor Control Exercise,” allowing chiropractors to earn between 2 to 20 hours. Another valuable offering is “Management of Soft Tissue Conditions,” providing 4 to 8 hours across Part 1 and Part 2.


Insights from Fellow Chiropractors:

Chiropractors who have experienced these courses share their experience:

  1. Dr. Anita Kelley-Dukes, DC (Crestview, Florida): Anita noted the course’s immediate positive outcomes for patients. She emphasized how seamlessly incorporating basic postural exercises into her efforts proved both easy and impactful, allowing for visible improvements documented over time.
  2. Dr. Dana O’Keefe, DC (Altamonte Springs, Florida): Dana highlighted the course’s universal applicability, stating that every chiropractic practice, regardless of the patient population, can benefit from integrating the teachings. The course aids in maintaining the active lifestyles patients desire.
  3. Dr. Peter Szakacs, DC (The Villages, Florida): Dr. Pete praised the course as comprehensive in addressing the importance of posture for general health and fall prevention. His endorsement emphasized its relevance for practitioners with diverse backgrounds, underlining its potential impact on maintaining community well-being.
  4. Dr. Michael Hempfield, DC (Saint Augustine, Florida): Michael shared insights gained from his extensive 40-year practice, acknowledging learning new aspects of posture’s importance and its relation to overall health. Considering retirement, he contemplated implementing the program in his community, offering a glowing recommendation for the course and the learning platform.

Florida chiropractors appreciate saving time and money by earning credits through online continuing education. With, they access not just courses but a pathway to excellence through curated classes, ensuring they stay ahead in their field. Purchase your Florida Chiropractic Continuing Education from, investing in both your professional journey and the well-being of your community.

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