​CESoup Continuing Education hosts Posture & Balance Assessment, Rehabilitation and Motor Control Exercise. This is an online 15 hour program. The CEU license renewal course is presented in 3 hour modules. Therefore, practitioners may register for 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 hours.

Online Continuing Education

Each module is presented in a video format. The program integrates science, anatomy, how-to and demonstration videos. By taking the course, clinicians learn how to progress patients and clients through the protocols. In addition, the popular 5 Posture Principles created by course founder Dr. Steven Weiniger are also discussed. These concepts are an excellent patient education and communication tool.

The online continuing education course is accessible immediately after you register.

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Why are Posture Continuing Education Courses Relevant?

As boomers age and their posture slumps, many won’t be content to fold over into “Old Posture.”  Helping Boomers “stand taller” is an opportunity for wellness practices focused on helping educate people on how to stay healthy and moving well.  Conventional wisdom and current research shows the benefits of education and rehab for improving posture.

A 20-year University of London study looked at over 4,200 men aged 40-59 and found strong correlation between losing height and mortality. The authors speculated that slumping over postures caused a physical restriction of breathing which significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and respiratory mortality.

The StrongPosture® course builds postural awareness by educating patients’ on simplified postural bio-mechanics combined with a sequential progression of posture exercise along three tracks (Balance-Alignment-Motion). Moreover, this is done in a patient friendly, research based framework of bio-mechanical concepts.

Program Goal

In addition to providing online education that you will love, our goal is helping the patient progress from:

  • AcuteCare (passive therapy + posture awareness) , and through
  • RehabCare (less passive therapy + increasing active rehab care training posture control exercises), and then onto
  • WellnessCare and coaching (daily posture exercises combined with periodic passive therapy to maximize the bio-mechanic benefits of all activities of daily living (ADLs) and other exercise, plus Posture Principle concepts and demos to empower lasting changes.)

Who will benefit from this online continuing education?

Chiropractors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists, personal trainers and other professionals can earn online continuing education credit while they learn to practically integrate passive and active techniques with a progressive protocol designed to strengthen posture and retrain motion. Strengthening a patient’s posture creates perceived value with demonstrably improved function as well as pain relief and injury prevention and also promotes continuing effective exercise to help people move, feel and be well.