New Jersey Chiropractic Continuing Education

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New Jersey Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements

New Jersey requires 30 hours of CE each biennium by 8/31 of odd years.

Special Requirements: 

  • 2 hours shall be completed in the study of State laws and rules governing chiropractic professional ethics or recordkeeping and documentation as it pertains to the practice of Chiropractic in NJ.
  • 2 hours shall consist of nutrition education

Online Chiropractic CE for New Jersey

NJ Board allows 12 hours to be earned online per renewal period.
  • Our CE Sponsor: University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College.
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Individual Online Courses

Prefer to take just a few at a time? Choose from these on demand DC credit hours.

Posture, Rehab & MCE – Part 1

[3 CEU HRS] See, experience and communicate posture in a whole new way with StrongPosture® protocols. Part 1 covers research supporting common-sense bio-mechanics, and teaches you to engage people with pra…

Dr. Steven Weiniger, DC, FIANM

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Posture, Rehab & MCE – Part 3

[3 CEU HRS] Posture breaks down with predictable patterns of functional compensations and structural adaptations, where neurologic facilitation and behavioral habits is reinforced by spirals of mechanical w…

Dr. Steven Weiniger, DC, FIANM

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Posture, Rehab & MCE – Part 4

[3 CEU HRS] Posture is how you balance your body, and weakening balance has real consequences for health and mortality. Research shows balance and coordination exercises improves back pain, in addition to r…

Dr. Steven Weiniger, DC, FIANM

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Posture, Rehab & MCE – Part 6

[3 CEU HRS] The Most Essential Motion: Breathing. Retraining both biomechanic and behavioral patterns of breathing are essential for effective rehab of any exercise involving the core, which is nearly all r…

Dr. Steven Weiniger, DC, FIANM

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State Approvals

Do you have chiropractic licenses in multiple states?

Take one course and apply it to all of your license renewals! Click the titles below to see state approvals for each program.

Course: Posture, Rehab & MCE


Alabama Kansas Ohio
Alaska Maine Oklahoma
Alberta Maryland Ontario
Arkansas Massachusetts Oregon
Arizona Michigan Pennsylvania
British Columbia Minnesota Rhode Island
California Missouri South Carolina
Colorado Montana South Dakota
Connecticut Nebraska Tennessee
Delaware Nevada Texas
D.C. New Hampshire Utah
Florida New Jersey Vermont
Georgia New Mexico Virginia
Hawaii New York Washington
Idaho North Carolina West Virginia
Illinois North Dakota Wyoming
Iowa Nova Scotia

 Additional Countries

Australia New Zealand United Kingdom

*States not yet listed are pending approval please contact us to verify approval.

Course: Management of Soft Tissue Conditions


Alabama Iowa Nova Scotia
Alberta Kansas Ohio
Arizona Maryland Oklahoma
Arkansas Massachusetts Ontario
British Columbia Michigan Pennsylvania
Colorado Minnesota Rhode Island
Connecticut Missouri South Carolina
Delaware Montana South Dakota
D.C. Nebraska Texas
Florida Nevada Utah
Georgia New Jersey Vermont
Hawaii New York Virginia
Idaho North Carolina  Washington
Illinois North Dakota  Wyoming

 Additional Countries

Australia New Zealand United Kingdom

*States not yet listed are pending approval please contact us to verify approval.

CE is Sponsored by University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College (UBCC) for 2023/2024. The above is our understanding of current state law and approvals. Please check with your state board for any recent updates or changes to state law and continuing education requirements or approvals. For more details on course approvals for each state, please see our Course Approvals page.

Course Reviews

Ready to enroll in online chiropractic CE for New Jersey license renewal? Our courses are popular with chiropractors. Read what other DCs are saying.

The most valuable concept I learned was the need for greater postural control in patients for better treatment outcomes.

Tim Bialecki, DC

Metuchen, NJ

You inspired me so much I went to work on Monday and started integrating these tools and got results right away. My practice is significantly improved. I average 30 new patients a month. It has excelled my practice beyond my thought.

Frederick Barks, Jr., MS, DC, CCSP, DACRB, CPEP®

Putnam, CT

The teachers enthusiasm was great.

George Bennett, DC

Vineland, NJ

CPEP® Posture Specialist Training

CPEP Posture Specialist Certification training sets the standard for rehab, wellness, performance and active aging. Elevate your practice with a bio-mechanical model and focused-motion exercise to strengthen posture while improving balance and functi…


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New Jersey Board of Chiropractic Examiners

The New Jersey State Board of Chiropractic Examiners is responsible for licensing and regulating the field of chiropractic to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the people of New Jersey. The board upholds the practice of chiropractic in compliance with State law, requiring chiropractors to meet educational requirements for licensure and renew their licenses every two years. Headquartered in Newark, NJ, the Board’s paramount objective is to protect the public by investigating and prosecuting chiropractors who violate the state’s consumer protection laws. Through its diligent oversight, the Board maintains the integrity of chiropractic practice and safeguards the well-being of the public in the state of New Jersey.

NJ Chiropractic Associations

Association of New Jersey Chiropractors

The Association of New Jersey Chiropractors (ANJC), is a non-profit organization comprising nearly 2,000 licensed chiropractors. By promoting integrity, access, and education, ANJC strives to elevate the quality of chiropractic care to its highest level. ANJC implements effective programs to educate the public about chiropractic benefits and wellness, while ensuring that only Doctors of Chiropractic provide spinal adjustments. Committed to the well-being of patients, ANJC works to eliminate barriers to chiropractic services and offers state-of-the-art learning opportunities through top-quality continuing education programs. From it’s headquarters in Clark, NJ,  ANJC provides valuable support to members in areas such as practice growth, management, billing, insurance, and documentation. With a mission to enhance patient care through chiropractic methods, education, advocacy, and accountability, ANJC values equitable, patient-centered, evidence-based, and compassionate healthcare. 

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